Hacking Industry Camp

October 12-14, 2018 / INSA Strasbourg

54 hours to stimulate innovation
The 4th edition of the hackathon dedicated to industry in Alsace.
54 hours to innovate and invent industry 4.0
Take a look at the previous editions: 2017 - 2016


    Every industry is facing problems. Let's imagine viable solutions and create the future of technology.


    A hackathon is an enjoyable moment. Working on challenges gathers and increases energies.


    Discoveries, meetings, surprises. Working in a hackathon means to get out of its comfort zone.


a propos

The Hacking Industry Camp by Alsace Digitale is a hackathon dedicated to industry. It is an event which aims to defy preconceived ideas and facilitate the creation of new projects. Teams with various skills confront each other during the whole weekend in order to invent and develop prototypes of applications, connected devices,... It is a place where communities meet and confront many ideas with one goal: innovation!


    54 hours to take part in the adventure Factory 4.0. Change the industries foundations, question its processes, make it more flexible, more creative.


    54 hours to break new ground together in a diverse group that includes developers, engineers, designers, makers, users, marketers,...


    54 hours to brainstorm and come up with new ideas, to foster their emergence, to implement them and to create innovative projects that will continue, either through the establishment of startups, or within existing companies.


le pitch

The Pitch

Challenges are presented to the participants by the leader of the project.

le choix des projets

Projects’ choices

People vote for challenges they like the most and create teams

la construction

The prototyping

Teams work on their projects

présentation finale

The final presentation

The project is presented to a jury composed of professionals and prizes are attributed

A hackathon (also known as a hack day, hackfest or codefest) is an event in which programmers and others involved in software development and hardware development, including graphic designers, interface designers and project managers, collaborate intensively on software projects. Occasionally, there is a hardware component as well.

  • It’s the third industrial revolution. I am committed to the idea that there has been a massive paradigm shift which requires an economic, social, industrial and different culture which has disrupted our economy and the society’s organization

    Gilles Babinet, Digital Champion
  • As the day-to-day life becomes more and more digitalized and computerized, innovation creates, on the contrary, a great collaboration.

    Jean Paul Viart, Humanoides
  • Innovation means collectivize technological inventions which stem from scientifics insights. Innovate means produce new things (methods, objects, services) in order to install them in a market.

    Bernard Stiegler, Ars Industrialis
  • The forecastings made by Cisco show that within 2022, the Internet of Things will generate 14,4 trillion of dollars of profits and incomes. Another study conducted by General Electric, published in November 2012, concludes that the productivity and efficiency gains, provoked by an industrial and digitalize system, will have a big impact on all the economic sectors within 2025. It will have an impact on about a half of the global economy.

    Jeremy Rifkin, Economist

The group ÉS co-organizes the Hacking Industry Camp


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Who can participate?

The event is for everyone. You can participate in teams whatever your background, experience and skills may be: developers, designers, entrepreneurs, engineers or end users. All the superpowers are welcomed.

Who suggests challenges?

Anyone can can suggest a challenge or join one suggested by another attendee. Challenges are listed on a Sparkboard and pitched by their leader the Friday night.

How can I find my teammates?

A team can have 6 to 10 members. You can come to the hackathon with a team already created (partially or completely) or you can come alone and find new teammates there.

What types of challenge can I pitch?

You can pitch challenges related to any industry as long as it's not yet beyond the concept stage (meaning you didn't yet work on a solution).

Do I need to bring a laptop?

Attendees bring their laptops and if possible an electrical power strip.

Our sponsors will make some ressources available (more info coming soon)

What else do I need to know organization-wise?

To confirm your registration, you will have to pay your meals. You can sleep at the venue, do not hesitate to bring an inflatable mattress and a nightcap.

What's the hashtag?

You can talk about the event on social networks by using the #HICamp hashtag and by mentioning @AlsaceDigitale and @ES_Strasbourg on Twitter or @alsace.digitale on Instagram.

The venue

Once again, the Hacking Industry Camp will take place at the INSA

  • 24 boulevard de la Victoire
  • Phone number: